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About PAN

SALT’s longest running and most popular production – a magical and inspiring reimagining of the story of Peter Pan that allows 35-120 local dancers the chance to rehearse and perform alongside SALT professionals. Audiences flock to this production to support their local dancers and to enjoy the heart-warming narrative of a favorite childhood story. 

PAN allows aspiring dancers (ages eight through professional) from local training programs a non-competitive opportunity to experience current trends in contemporary dance.

“I hope there are more opportunities like this. It was so beautiful and unique – an incredible experience.”- Community Performer

Positively received by sold-out audiences, this unique choreographic effort of the untold story of Peter Pan is the new “Nutcracker” of contemporary dance. The enchanting al-fresco atmosphere includes dancers in the sand, lost boys hiding in the trees and mermaids in the water. With cutting-edge choreography and high-caliber performance, it transforms its audience, leaving them amazed and moved. 

Dancers are selected from local universities, dance studios, and training programs and cast in one of five ensembles groups as well as lead roles that include Peter and Wendy. Ensembles roles include:

  • Pirates
  • Lost Boys
  • Mermaids
  • Fairies
  • Wildings